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Pooja Gautam is a resident of Delhi. She is an amalgamation of simplicity and cleverness as her father is from Uttar Pradesh and mother is from Himachal Pradesh. She has done Masters in History & during the course of her journey, she has completed a bachelor in education & diploma in the computer as well. She has performed well in All India level of teaching eligibility test, and currently working as a teacher in a reputed institution. A curiosity of learning makes her gaining more knowledge which makes her pursuing Masters in Hindi. Her hobbies drag herself to participate in Hindi debates and dramatics in school and college level and obtained many certificates.



She started her journey of writing in YourQuote since 8th June 2020. Voice of a woman and their economic status, social barriers, stereotypes customs, and atrocities on women inspired her to highlight the pain of women in front of society. She is influenced by Premchand's writings. Such other areas of her thoughts are also expressed on the writings of casteism, poverty, untouchability but at the centre, she is having sensations of female oppression. She also likes to express her thoughts through story writing, articles, essays & poems on YourQuote. Her aim is to make people aware of the hidden pain of women in society.



She won certificates by participating in many competitions of YourQuote, where people appreciate her excellent writing and give her lots of love and affection.



" Give her wings, she is made to fly,

Think of her like fire, she has not become ashes yet "


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