Little by little the bird builds its nest



Little by little the bird builds its nest

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Haitian Proverb

15. Little by little the bird builds its nest. —Haitian proverb.


It means with continuous efforts one can achieve any goal in life.



Welcome to Proverbs World. In this post, we will discuss the importance of a goal and how to achieve it with perseverance in a successful life. Let’s start.

Importance of Goal in life!

Goals are de facto part of highly successful people that’s why you should have a goal with binding to the time limit. The goal is far different than our aspirations change from time to time in life, for instance, in childhood I aspire to be a teacher—a good life, motivating students and so on; however, in the reality, I am a civil engineer now. Simply it should have a powerful goal in life.

Goals take time to finish.

According to the proverb ‘Little by little the bird builds its nest’, here in the proverb time is mentioned that ‘little by little’ means the goals take its time. As bigger the goal it consumes more time. So, it is you have to stick to your goal with Perseverance. Even the greatest minds failed several times accomplishing their goal but, they stay firm and not give up on the aim.

Why failing to acquire a goal?

The many of people face failure in acquiring the goal. It has many reasons.

1.    It could be proper guidance—not means man but could book also.
2.    Time boundness: the goal should have prescribed time limit.
3.    Perseverance
4.    Conviction
5.    Self-belief
6.    Daily work

These are some the key factor if not managed appropriately you may not fulfil your dream goal.

Stay tuned in the journey of proverbs. See you soon!

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Key Vocabulary:

Little (Adjective)
- Small in size or amount.

Haitian (Noun)
- Belonging to or relating to Haiti or its people.

Goal (Noun)
-result that your plans or actions are intended to achieve.

De facto (Adjective)
- Existing in factalthough perhaps not intendedlegal, or accepted.

- Continued effort and determination.
 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)


● After working the whole day as a delivery boy, Ram studies at every night to chase his dream career such as little by little the bird builds its nest.

● Soham was working in a company as an employee his everyday work and dedication gave him the post of manager in his company, it is as similar as little by little the bird builds its nest.

● Rohan's father saved money for purchasing a small house by pulling a rickshaw--little by little the bird builds its nest.

● Sonali loved to dance but nobody gave her permission to participate. Her hard work and fighting spirit for her dreams make her a big dancer in the world. She proved the saying little by little the bird builds its nest.

                                                                                            (Swati Tyagi: Credit for sending examples )

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