The art is not in making money, but in keeping it



The art is not in making money, but in keeping it

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Jewish Proverb

19. The art is not in making money, but in keeping it—Jewish Proverb.


The proverb states a frame of mind that acquiring money is comparatively easier than hold it for a long time needs art.



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Now let me draw your attention our today’s proverb “The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.” Let’s discuss this in detail—why money is crucial to hold and so on in the section below.

First things first, the first sentence is ‘The art is not in making money, but keeping.’ means making money is easy is an art than keeping it. isn’t it However, earning money is not a child’s play for everybody in the world. Some blissed with immense money on their birth as or being in a wealthy family. The saying is the best fit for those who classed with a wealthy background at birth but could not hold it till death.

The past incidents!!

There are plenty of example available from the past to present—why this proverb is so true. In the past, long time ago India was the richest state on the earth with up to 97-98% of exports to Europe in the exchange of Gold. In these medieval time before invasion of Mughals, British to India, it was known as “Sone ki Cheediya’ means the land of a golden sparrow. 

Nevertheless, it was dived and sprinkled over the small dynasties with hateful neighbour relationships and other issues; we  do not go dipper in this article but we can say there was no union or single power that’s being the downfall, and in the ends being looted by invaders—proves the proverb ‘The art is not in making money, but in keeping it’

The recent ones.

In the last few years, the incompetent, playboy type of businessman born poor but won jackpot by being part of the business family by chance. Here I am talking about Vijay Malaya—the king of good times—now living in the nearly worst time in the cell in the United Kingdom. Before blunder, the man has an abundance of money to handle but he messed up unskillfully with the Kingfisher air-lines and be bank corrupt. In the possibility of being caught up, he left the country shamefully.

Also read: Little by little the bird builds its nest. —Haitian proverb.

These are some classic examples of proving the proverb is in reality. These do not take stapes towards saving money or failed hugely in investing the money properly. Here are some tips so you can learn the art of keeping the money for the betterment of you and your family.

      1.    Set saving goals.
      2.    Cut your debt id (if taken).
      3.    Decrease expenses on unwanted stuff.
      4.    Make the right budget monthly, yearly.
      5.    Invest money smartly.
That’s all we have you in this article, give your suggestions in the comment box or write to us what you think about saving money what’s your guru mantra.

Key vocabulary:

Art (Noun)
- An activity through which people express particular ideas.  

Acquire (Verb)
- To get something that is important to your business or life.

Sprinkle (Verb)
- To drop a few pieces or drops of something over a surface.

Incompetent (Adjective)
- Not having the ability to do something as it should be done.
 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)


  • A boy winning a lottery of 1 lakh but spend it on useless things. The art in not in making money but in keeping it.

  • You should have a plan for spending the money. The art in not in making money but in keeping it.

  • X: What is your budget for a smartphone?

       Z: About 30k rupees.

       X: You’re spending 30K on purchasing a phone. Do you have savings?         Be wise the art in not in making money but in keeping it. 

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