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ProversWorld.in is a free website containing information on proverbs. Here at Provers World, we’ll sail on the world of proverbs of different origins on a regular basis. This website will help any enthusiastic learner to apply the principles of life-long learning by understanding the proverbs.

Means general saying, truth said by experienced people from their experiences—the words they spoke are known as Proverbs.

English Proverbs World is also a writing platform.

We host contests, challenges on several genres where writer can put their work, express its feeling and views.

Soon featuring the best attempts here.

Also, give certificates to the eligible participants at EPW certify. 

Author’s introduction:

Hello friends!

My name is Sagar Ayadi. I am an engineering graduate Gujarat Technological University Ahmedabad Gujarat, India. Also, I have completed many massive open online courses (MOOC) from a platform like Coursera.org, Edx.orgNation Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), etc.
My certifications are:

1) Geo-environmental engineering
2) Integrated waste management for a smart city
3) Technical English for engineers, etc.

Edx.org platform:
1) Urban sewage treatment
2) Waste Management: critical raw materials.

Coursera.org platform:
1) Municipal waste management in developing countries
2) feacal sludge management
3) Global environment management 
4) Natural Attenuation of Groundwater Contaminants: 
New Paradigms, Technologies, and Applications.
5) Academic literacy 
6) Introduction to public health engineering in a     humanitarian context.


 1) Intermediate English Grammar
 2) Advance speaking and listening on coursera.org and so on.
 3) Advanced Grammar and Punctuation

THIS IS how the journey started:
One Day, I and my brother surfing internet founding the way of learning English with fun. And landed on the website of WOA. learning English; where we search for something interesting i. e. audio.

"Yes, it's there" my elder brother. "Let's play it"

Its title was learning with Proverbs... the lady start 'Proverbs are general saying...'
We loved it! A few days later decided to flare the knowledge of Proverbs to the people interested.


I always wanted to learn technical things, ideas and concept from the experts in the field. From my college time in Rajkot in 2017, once I came across to notice board of my library. That was the first time I come to about MOOC in India. I went to one of the faculty members, and try to dwell more information. It was NPTEL. I enrolled in the courses along with my academic study at college.

After learning these useful and intriguing courses on several platforms come to decide to write what I have learned in the past years from MOOCs. In addition, I shared my specialization projects, visits, Events, new technology in the field, reviews of MOOC, etc. If you are interested in learning new skills online through MOOC and stay updated with new techs, then you contact me on email () I’ll defiantly guide you through it.  

Please share proverbs to your friends if you like them!

Inspire others by sharing. 
stay blessed. 

Thank You!

For any quarries or suggestions:
You can email me on proverbsworldin@gmail.com I will try to reply to you within 24 hours. I will give my best to resolve your doubts.


Sagar Ayadi

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