Barking dogs seldom bite



Barking dogs seldom bite

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American Proverb

22. Barking dogs seldom bite—American Proverb


The proverb means people who speaking loudly to threaten somebody; may not follow through their say.



Welcome to the world of proverbs (Proverb World). On this site we discuss proverbs from around the world—you can find a list of proverbs by origin in the right-sidebar. For now, we’ll refine our thoughts on the proverb Barking dogs seldom bite.”

Understanding the origin of the Proverb

This American proverb may come to existence when sometimes a man is passing through the unknown street and suddenly dwelt with a barking dog. In this situation, anyone could be freighted first, and then try something to escape from the barking dog with safety. That’s why it said ‘Barking dogs seldom bite.’ The same saying also exists in Hindi “Garajne wale Badal Baraste Nahi hai” meaning ‘the roaring clouds never yield rains.’

Think by the Dog’s side

In general, you may have a question of why dogs or people bark without any intention of harming. There may be many reasons but we are focusing on a few of them. Let’s see them in detail.

The fear of a powerful enemy

Yes, it is true! whether dogs or people shout on others with one reason is fear of an enemy. It is the most common option of defending the situation that one cannot work on it because they do not have the strength to harm or pose a threat.  Here the strength does not mean just physically but by money, politically, etc.

The geopolitics

The epicentre of terror (Pakistan) threatens?

Global politics, we have a shining example of a terror nation (Pakistan). If you are following any sort of news after the abrogation of Article #370 from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir or any internal matter of India; the Prime minister of Pak and its fake propaganda with foolish ministers warns India on an atomic war. In reality, it’s just “Barking dogs seldom bite” as per our proverb.

Also read: Don't be too sweet lest you be eaten don't be too bitter lest you spewed out—Yiddish Proverb.

Assertive nature of people’s republic of China

The protests ongoing go violent in Hong Kong against the government (China) for passing a bill in the parliament of Hong Kong and attack on democracy in Hong Kong. However, the neighbouring countries are not reacting to the issue because China with its huge economic and military power can bite hard.

Another kind of conflict in the south china sea with relatively weaker ASEAN countries. Theses countries are barking often on China’s aggressive nature in the south china sea region but could not afford to take firm action against mighty China proves the proverb “Barking dogs seldom bite.”

A dog might get punished!

The prime minister of Malaysian Mahathir Mohamad recently barked in the UN assembly targeting Kashmir on India by stating the Indian state of Kashmir as an independent country invades by India. After this event, The Indian government and the people of India get highly offended by the speech. As a consequence, the Indian trader called off all the new orders of Palm oil export from Malesia which contributes a big chunk in the Malaysian economy. Now, the palm oil industry of Malaysia is struggling as India the 2nd most important exporter of palm oil is unhappy with Malaysia on snapping head in the internal matters of India.

Learning from the proverb 'Barking dogs seldom bite.'

We can learn a lot from this proverb on controlling our tongues with regards to the situation. To sum up, we cannot predict that people took action or not but most of the times they just warning you.

Key vocabulary:

Barking (adjective)
- Crazy or extreme, silly.  

Seldom (adverb)
- Almost never.

Assertive (adjective)
- Someone who is assertive behaves confidently and is not frightened to say what they want or believe.

Threaten (verb)
- To tell someone that you will kill or hurt them or cause problems if they do not do what you want.

Geopolitics (noun)
- The study of the way a country's sizeposition, etc. influences its power and its relationships with other countries.
 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)\


  • Sanju: I afraid, I could not meet the deadlines of assignment and the threatening of head of department making me nervous.

       Manju: Don’t worry! Barking dogs seldom bite.

  • My boss uses harsh language when I do something wrong, but I believe “barking dogs seldom bite

  • X: When my girlfriend goes bananas, I really feel scared.”

       Y: It is not just your case, it happens. And yes, barking dogs                 seldom bite.

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  2. The reason for this is that most intelligent humans and animals will leave a dog alone if he is barking. Dogs may bark before biting or otherwise attacking as a warning to the person they are approaching: "Leave me alone or I'll hurt you." Therefore, if the human ignores the dog's barking and they get bitten. Most dogs who bark as a warning do so because they wish to avoid biting or attacking (as do most dogs). Actually, they don't intend to harm anyone. But some dogs with extreme aggressiveness may bite without any prior warning or barking. Dogs who bark rather than bite are said to "never bite." Biting dogs, however, might not bark if they believe they have no choice but to strike.



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