He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition burns a picture to obtain the ashes. –Chinese Proverb



He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition burns a picture to obtain the ashes. –Chinese Proverb

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Chinese Proverb

 He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition burns a picture to obtain the ashes. –Chinese Proverb



The proverb states that if a person gives preference to his ambitions rather than his conscience then he or she will regret it in the end.



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Conscience is the inner voice that guides our lives. Conscience is what makes us human, it is the core of our humanity. It registers our every action, when something goes bad, it warns us. When your moral compass goes down the dark side, your conscience will be the one to pull you back to the light. A loyal life companion, who keeps an eye on us.

Ambition is the one that shows the way to pinnacles. We all have ambition, and we all have that desire to achieve our ambition, no matter the hurdles that keep us from achieving it. We keep on chasing the kite through howling storms, the hard work and iron will keep us going.

What happens when conscience questions your ambition?

Ambition differs from man to man, for one completing a degree might be an ambition, for another climbing Everest. The way you paved to reach your ambition matters a lot, that's where conscience comes in. Building the wonder of the world, was his ambition, but the lives that lost half of their lifespan in building them, the lives that spilled their blood for the cause, the lives that went down unfortunately missed his eyes. The world praises the monument and him but does the world ever talk about the lives that carved and etched them? .. No, even the world turns a blind eye when it comes to ambition, we fail to seek our conscience.

A man can chase his ambition, and he can go head over heels for it, but when he sacrifices his conscience to ambition, that's where things go wrong, you turn a blind eye to your moral compass. Greed and desire to achieve the ambition sometimes blindfold the humanity in us. To reach our pinnacle, we sometimes use other lives as steps to climb up, our heart turns cold, and we become selfish, to starve our inner hunger we let others starve for days. 

When you pave your path without conscience, it may take you to your pinnacle, but you will never have a soul to share your joy, a single human to appreciate from heart, after all, how can a man expect humanity from others while he locked his humanity in a dungeon.

He who sacrifices his conscience to ambition burns a picture to obtain the ashes. So, don't burn your humanity and loved ones, to obtain your ambition. The picture will carry your image forever, the ashes won't.

So let your conscience guide your way to ambition, all starts good will end good. The path paved with good deeds will bear the sweetest fruit.

 --Karthiga Kumar

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