Man proposes, God disposes



Man proposes, God disposes

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12. Man proposes, God disposes—English proverb


It means people can propose a lot of things with efforts, energy, resources but the success of work depends on almighty god.  


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We are back with a new proverb as per our daily commitment to you. The man may be defined as the most modern animal on the planet earth, isn’t it? They can act, do and think in an ingenious manner that no other animal can do. We are human. Whereas, one supernatural power also exists—which even more powerful than a normal man can imagine—God.
The man always proposes never take a single break. The hunger of mankind for the valuable resources and land was never a secret. Sometimes the greed at its pinnacle; when it leads to many wars and it stills present right now for no right reason. The humans plan all things by its order but God shapes things whether they like or not.

Climate Change:

Climate change
Polar bear

One of the most dangerous hazards ever produced by man is termed climate change. Thanks to the several versions of industrializations. Though man proposes prosperity without taking care of god gifted nature. According to one of the UN Environment report by 2025 the ice frozen on the Antarctic will disappear—consequently, may archipelago countries would be wiped from the world map.

To conclude it would have well said, “Man proposes, God disposes.” We can request the god but the outcome is secured by god.

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Propose (Verb)
- To offer or suggest a possible plan or action for other people to consider:

Dispose (Verb)
- To make someone feel a particular way towards someone or something

Modern (Adj.)
- Designed and made using the most recent ideas and methods

 Ingenious (Adj.)
- (of a person) very intelligent and skilful, or (of a thing) skilfully made or planned and involving new ideas and methods

 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)


  • She planned to dump him by imposing false accusations of a girl on him but she failed in making her plan work because she forgot that God determines how things will turn out. Hence, it is correctly said that, what man proposes, god disposes"

  • He decided to quit the job and open his own clinic in a residential area but he failed in making his plan work. He on his fate--man proposes god disposes!
                                                                                                      (Examples by Shreya Chhabra )

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