He who knows how to live, knows enough



He who knows how to live, knows enough

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He who knows how to live

17. He who knows how to live, knows enough—Spanish Proverb.


It means a man should know how to live a meaningful life then he would not have to know everything in life.



We are continuing on the daily journey of proverbs from around the world. In particular, we discuss the Spanish proverb “He who knows how to live, knows enough” in this post.

Let us first grab our attention to the first saying—'He who knows how to live’, here the proverb asks or questions the way of living. So how one should live? and why did the Spanish say that in the past? Let’s look at it.

How one should live?

When think of life as human beings, it's way harder than the animals live—we are not animals—isn’t it! So, what makes us different from animals? Here comes the living part. Animals never care of living they are! they just surviving somehow in the environmental cries whereas we can choose to live a better way.

Humans have mind!

Animals cannot think in a way man thinks. We can design our life according to our desires and wants. The human mind is the world’s fastest computer that has ever found, we as men still trying to understand it and get breakthroughs day-by-day.

Till now we have seen the importance of living, but what about the second part of the proverb “He who knows how to live, knows enough.” It is well said as most successful people reckons that all should know ‘How to live.’ Meaningful living is most important than just living without any hope, inspiration, and motivation in life. Another factor is the goal of behind living will decide the journey of life.

Goal Setting metters!

In earlier proverbs, we already discussed much on this. However, here we will understand by example how essential the goal is. The great revolutionary personality Steve Jobs said in his last speech at Stanford University about how to live life—he mentioned “Love what you do, if you have not found, found one and stick to it.” In life, if you choose your goal and love it too then life could be easy living that way said “He who knows how to live, knows enough” 

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Key vocabulary:

Live (Verb)
- (to continue) to be alive or have life.

Enough (Determiner)
- As much as is necessary; in the amount or to the degree needed.

Design (Verb)
- To make or draw plans for something, for example, clothes or buildings.

Revolutionary (Adjective)
- Involved in or relating to a revolution.
 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)


● After facing rejection from the first attempt in the entrance exam. Rahul was depressed yet decides to start preparation again because he who knows how to live, knows enough.

● Ram's friends always disrespect of his art but he never took it seriously and one day becomes a famous painter--he who knows how to live, knows enough.

● Komal's relatives always point out on her burn scar but she always tells "the scar is my beauty" with a smile by remembering the saying who knows how to live, knows enough.

                                                                                                        (Examples by Swati Tyagi)

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