Do not dig a hole for somebody else



Do not dig a hole for somebody else

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Russian Proverb

Do not dig a hole for somebody else; you yourself will fall into it. —Russian Proverb


Means if you manufacture trouble for someone else; there is a most probable chance that you may fall into it.

In Brief:

In this competitive world, people are not happy with someone else’s happiness but feel jealous. In doing so, they try the best to be an obstacle in the success of people—but most of the times they fall into the hole they dig. We advise you to do not a dig hole for others or be a barrier for other’s success if you could not add into it.

Also read: Do not kick away the canoe which helped you to cross the river. –Malagasy Proverb.


-         Fall into something (phrasal verb)
To gradually get into a particular conditionespecially to get into a bad condition as a result of not being taken care of.

(Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)


●  Sonali's colleagues made a plan to embarrass her in front of all as she is a favourite of their boss amongst all employees but unfortunately they being caught by the boss and that day they feel embarrassment in front of all. In the end, Sonali told "Do not dig a hole for somebody else; you yourself will fall into it."

●  Ram is an intelligent boy in the class. One day he forgot to remember his grammar lesson on the same day the test was cancelled but his friends forced the teacher to take the test because they want to laugh on ram and make fun of him. 

Then, the teacher asks grammar rules to the class but all forgot the rules and faced punishment by the teacher. In conclusion, do not dig a hole for somebody else otherwise you yourself will fall into it.

●  Kumar doesn't like his brother so he makes a plan to fall his brother in a well but unfortunately, while playing Kumar fall in the well his brother helped him to come out from it. Now Kumar learned a lesson that do not dig a hole for somebody else; you you will fall into it.

                                                                                   (Examples by Swati Tyagi)

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