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 A character is a reflection of the cognitive process...

And whatever you think that becomes your recognition...

Dilwant Kaur originally from Panjab raised on the pride land of Haryana and married in the holy land of Himachal Pradesh. With the blessings and guidance of parents, she received her graduation in Hons. (Punjabi), post-graduation in English and B. Ed from Kurukshetra University in Haryana. 

Dilwant also is fond of sports since childhood and being an excellent Kabaddi player, she had also led her team as a captain in the state-level matches. She remembers the proudest a moment in her life when got the privilege of being a part of the parade at Delhi Rajpath on 26th January as the Best NCC Cadet and got the blessings of Dr Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. She can never forget that moment in life because every student and cadet is striving for this achievement but only after luck and tireless hard work get this opportunity.


The goal of her life was to serve the country as an army officer, but due to some personal reasons, all this could not be completed. Today she provides services as a teacher.


The writing the journey started with revealing her personal experiences, then she tried to write to give an emotional look to the social themes and different kinds of objectives, and in the journey, Dilwant got immense affection. Encouragement of readers increased confidence. Her compositions have been sent to various forums and various certificates have also been obtained.


Dilwant Kaur’s aims always to do justice with writing and continue to do work successfully without hurting anyone's heart. She wishes God to readers.

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