Proverbs World Love, Mistry and Fun Contest



Proverbs World Love, Mistry and Fun Contest

Proverbs World Love, Mistry and Fun Contest

Welcome to the registration page of the contest Proverbs World battle contest.

Proverbs World Contest


Proverbs World Love, Mistry and Fun Contest

Love, Mistry and Fun contest is on facing Quote writing challenges hosted on YourQuoteApp.

More details sharing with each day’s post.


Deadlines: 7th February 5 pm. For joining the contest.


LanguageEnglish and Hindi.


Contest type: Solo


Duration: 8 days

                 7th to 14th February 2021.


During these seven days, we will send you instructions on the YourQuoteApp’s Proverbs World page.


After 15th February, the contest evaluation will start by the Proverbs World team. Check out benefits given at the end of the text.


Instructions for joining:

       1)    Highlight on YourQuoteApp

       2)    Share with interested.

       4)  “Golden Badge Members (Premium Subscription)” do not need to fill out the form.

       3)    Fill out registration form Link given below:


 Registration Closed


In the form choose your preferred mode to receive the proverb topic.



       -         The person completing all the challenges are eligible for a verified e-certificate from Proverbs World.

       -         If your quotes stand out, top 3 will get testimonials.

       -         Testimonial certificates for YourQuote users.


 -         If like writing on proverbs, we can offer you coauthor post in the website

     For any query or questions, you can comment here on YourQoute.



7th Feb 2021--Rose day -- Round 1 

8th Feb 2021-- Propose day-- Round 2 (riddle)

9th Feb 2021-- Chocolate day-- Round 3 (riddle)

10th Feb 2021-- Teddy day-- Round 4 (riddle)

11th Feb 2021-- Promise day-- Round 5 (riddle)

12th Feb 2021-- Hug day-- Round 6 (riddle)

13th Feb 2021-- Kiss day-- Round 7 (riddle)

13th Feb 2021-- Valentine's day-- Round 8 (riddle)


     Proverbs World Team.

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