Charge nothing and you’ll get a lot of customers



Charge nothing and you’ll get a lot of customers

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Yiddish Proverb

21. Charge nothing and you’ll get a lot of customers. —Yiddish Proverb.


The proverb gives a piece of advice that for gaining an abundance of customers; seller should charge the minimum or not at all.



Welcome to the world of proverbs (—the sayings by the experienced peoples from all around the world in decades ago. Specifically, in this post, we elaborate on our thoughts on the Yiddish proverb. I personally love Yiddish proverbs because they so relearnt that a billion-dollar business can be built if properly followed.  Why I am stating this, let’s see in the detail.

A successful billion-dollar strategy

The first sentence states “Charge nothing and you’ll get a lot of customers” means giving a service or product for free isn’t it! The word free sounds so marvellous! Something which is free of cost means—men always be lucrative towards it. Therefore, it is the biggest strategy for a successful billion-dollar business, but you may ask—how? Let us take a fresh example.

Reliance Jio 4G (Jio de Dhana Dhan)

If are from India not heard of recent rising star tech-giant ‘Jio’ then you are a fool. The company applied the same formula said in the proverb “Charge nothing and you’ll get a lot of customers” and disrupt the dynamics of internet business in India by offering free high-speed internet to every user. Eventually, it has generated the daily data demand by providing it for no cost; that’s helped it manifest the huge penetration in the high price competent Internet market. Currently, Jio enjoys billions of consumers with the cheapest price of internet data.

It is a recent example of getting quick customers. Now, not only Jio but other premiere video streaming companies doing the same such as Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. They will give you a free subscription for the first month. Also, many software corporations offer free software access i.e. anti-marvel software has a trial version and so on.

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Nowadays, it becomes a lucrative strategy for getting the popularity of a particular brand. However, if it fails to do so it will wrap up for them. Many Indian startups fail to get customers by applying this trick foolishly.

In the end, I will say nothing is free in this world; if it is free then someone else is paying for you, so be relevant to it. Do not take things for granted. If anything appears to be free of cost then it is not, it may earn from other sources—not directly from the consumer, but from advertisements or sponsorships. Sometimes it has probable threats to the word free to be aware of the frauds in the name of ‘free’ things like iPhone in just 1 USD it is not possible—don’t trust these offers especial during festive season running now.

Key vocabulary:

Art (Noun)
- An activity through which people express particular ideas.  

Acquire (Verb)
- To get something that is important to your business or life.

Sprinkle (Verb)
- To drop a few pieces or drops of something over a surface.

Incompetent (Adjective)
- Not having the ability to do something as it should be done.
 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)

Example sentences:

  • Rahul opened a new sweets shop but not getting customers. Fellow suggest to give some freebies to customers as it said charge nothing and you’ll get lot of customers.

  • X: How the Jio Telecom dominated in the indian market?

Y: They follow the proverb ‘Charge nothing and you’ll get lot of customers’ by giving free internet for a period and give descent 4G speed. 

Write your own example in the comment section.

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