The best answer to anger is silence



The best answer to anger is silence

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German Proverb

14. The best answer to anger is silence. —German Proverb


The proverb advise not to carry away by the anger of others, but keep calm and silent.



Welcome to Proverbs World. In this article, we discuss proverb on anger and behaviour control by Germans. Where we’ll first see the factors on the occurrence of anger according to context.

Why anybody get angry?

The reason can vary people to people but we going to cover the general means of anger. Most of the time we get angry for no reason, for example, if our speed of internet goes down we get angry, the buffering of videos on YouTube made us irritated too. However, it may not last longer we can treat it as short time anger.

Embracing or insulting words.

This is the most common incident when anybody’s blood heated. The ocean of heat will come as bad words or violence sometimes. On this topic of words, we have already covered one proverb ‘A knife wound heals; a wound caused by words does not—Turkish Proverb.’ Due to this wound, the war of words many times lead to severe consequences; that’s why the proverb said ‘The best answer to anger is silence.’

Why the best answer to anger is silence?

There is a certain situation when in the return of anger, you should not reply by the words. These can be when your well-wishers, family, friends get heated on you for a reason or no reason, in this case, you should analyze the situation and be silent because answering with anger to your loved ones will hurt you later.

Same way, in our professional life, student life, if a teacher or professor shows anger you do not be annoyed by them. Similarly, the boss at the office may furious due to the hectic deadline missed by you do not light up instead answer them with extra hard work.

Do we have to always bear anger?

No!!! when it comes to respect, be firm, stand up and show your anger that another time no one would take chance you. it is essential to reply anyway someone wants to over you. Just take care of the situation. I hope you get the essence of the proverb.


Anger (Noun)
- strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened.

Silence (Noun)
-period without any soundcomplete quiet.

Essence (Noun)
- The basic or most important idea or quality of something

Annoy (Verb)
- To make someone angry.

 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)


  • “Don’t fly off the handle dear, you always mess up when you are angry. The best answer to anger is silence”

  • Sandy feel irritating when we chat on the past times with us. I suggested her the best answer to anger is silence.

  • The child throws away the phone on the wall. The screen of the phone was broken. When a mother to child’s dad “honey, don't be angry the best answer to anger is silence.”

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