Never whisper to the deaf or wink at the blind



Never whisper to the deaf or wink at the blind

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Slovenian Proverb

13. Never whisper to the deaf or wink at the blind—Slovenian Proverb


This proverb gives a piece of advice that one should not waste his/her valuable time in communication with a foolish person especially in tough situations.


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You may think why this proverb said by Slovenian. It apparently opposite of Hindi saying ‘samajdar ko ishara hi kafi hai’ meaning is ‘gesture is enough for a wise man.’ When it comes to this proverb it largely deals with communication. Mainly verbal communication and non-verbal communication.

Two sets of communications:

      1.    Verbal communication
      2.    Non-verbal communication

Let us take a brief look at communication types.

     1.    Verbal communication:

In verbal communication, we communicate with a language—primarily with the help of words. It also has two more parts the first is speaking you speak and another listen or others speak you listen. The second is written communication that you are reading right now.

      2.    Non-verbal communication:

It means in this type of communication one does not use a single word. Instead, use certain singles to communicate effectively. These can perform by hand, gesture, pose, etc. With gesture one can pass a powerful signal for instance anger, love, aggression, etc.   

When to use this proverb?

It all depends upon the rationality of men. That’s why I first cleared it in the meaning portion. So, it can apply when we come across idiot and it’ll be worst—when we pass whisper or signal but it went completely wrong; then we would say “Never whisper to the deaf or wink at the blind.

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whisper (Verb)
- To speak very quietly, using the breath but not the voice, so that only the person close to you can hear you

Wink (Verb)
- To close one eye for a short time as a way of greeting someone or showing friendlinesssexual interest, etc., or of showing that you are not serious about something you have said

Gesture (Noun)
-movement of the handsarms, or head, etc. to express an idea or feeling:

 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)

Examples in sentences:

Example 1: Dear, I know you really love Henry and you're pretty much loyal to him. But, you should not waste your precious time in justifying and proving your love towards him because you should never whisper to the deaf or wink at the blind! 

Example 2: You know very well her. She is a braggart that never tried to understand anyone's feelings. So, there is no purpose at all in explaining her the truth as we should never whisper to the deaf or wink at the blind.

                                                                   (Examples by Shreya Chhabra)

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