Look before you leap—American Proverb.



Look before you leap—American Proverb.

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American Proverb


This proverb gives the advice to consider all the parameters of possible dangers or consequences before acting towards the task.


Hello! Friends…

It’s been a long time since I published the last proverb right! Not my fault. Originally, I could not get free time as preparing for a National-level competitive exam.

Let us continue the journey by today’s proverb ‘Look before you leap.’ This proverb may emerge from an interesting story that may happen sometimes in the jungle. The story of two closed best-fried frogs.


Long ago two frogs living in the lake full of water in the forest. Similarly, the lake is full of life with fishes, small insects, ducks, birds and greenfield around it.

It was fun time for the two best friends (frogs)—the monsoon had started. They enjoying the rain, gurgling, jumping from one lily tops to another lily tops. There was an abundance of food for live-in but not for a long time. Soon winters come to the birds with blissed wings can fly away to find shelter and home. 

However, the frog friends still in the cold water and consequent the shortage of food get stated. Somehow, they survived the cold winter but the next event will comparatively harder to do so.

The summer is about to start. With the deadly heat of the sun, the lake’s water is beginning to shrinking. Slowly the lake near to dried up. The frogs are in deep trouble now—they decided to leave the lake in search of a safe home where enough food and life exist. In their journey of finding a better life one found a deep well and shouted with words.

"Ohh… God! our journey come to the end—we found the lifeful shelter, Lets drive in the well."

The friend of it explained with a serious gesture “Look at well carefully, it is to dry up. And if it will as show how we make to out the well—can you jump at this much of height?” The first frog understands the trouble before it leaps in, and thanked his friend. They continued the journey of finding a safe home. Soon they found a river and settled over there.

In conclusion we can say “Look before you leap.” This proverb can applicable before taking any blind step we should consider all consciousness like in the story frogs did.

Stay tuned for the next proverbs. By this proverb, I'll try to post at least one proverb daily.

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Leap (Verb)

- To make a large jump or sudden movement, usually from one place to another

Consequence (Noun)

-result of a particular action or situation, often one that is bad or not convenient.

Gurgling (Verb)

- (of waterespecially small streams) to flow quickly while making a lowpleasant sound
- (of babies) to make a happy sound with the back of the throat:

Lily top (Noun)

-Any of various plants with a large, bell-shaped flower on a long stem
 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)

Example sentences:

  •     It’s too deep waters, look before you leap.

  • X: I’m going on a hike first time.

       Y: It will not be easy for you so care--look before you leap.

  • Leaning Jodu-Karate is not a child’s play you should look before you leap.

   Write your own examples in the comment section.

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