Once a thief, always a thief



Once a thief, always a thief

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Spanish Proverb

 23. The person who steals once is always thought to be a thief—Spanish Proverb.


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American Proverb

24. Once a thief, always a thief. –American proverb



The proverb states that if a person even not a thief but once it caught red-handed; he always thought to be a thief.



Welcome to the world of Proverbs (Proverbs World.) Here we collect the proverbs from around the world and express our views on the proverbs. In doing the same, in this post, we’ll discuss the proverb on thief in detail.


Who is a thief?

Let we start with the so-called definition of a thief by my side or you will find it on the end of the post in the glossary section. Anyway, ‘thief’ may be a person who steals something who’s not belonging to him or her with bad intention. Isn’t it!?


Stealing is a process

As of we know the meaning of thief—means who steals in general. But why someone chooses to be a thief? no one is wanting to do it by choice; it could be one’s evil mind that provokes for such a bad cause. To do anything new the first it possessed in the head, and that process builds confidence in a thief. It is all started with lying to self. Because lier never asks questions to the heart or brain either.


Why is this perception of the thief?

“The person who steals once is always thought to be a thief”


The perception of people lies in the other saying ‘the first impression is the last impression. the proverb ‘The person who steals once is always thought to be a thief’ heavily depend on this school of thought. The world that does not know much about a person—the image of a person plays a major role in recognizing the person. Once the image is spoiled it takes years to restore it. However, it may have that stain spots of bad happened even after along. That’s why the proverb said ‘The person who steals once is always thought to be a thief.’

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Always a thief?

It maybe an exception that a thief is caught with such an intent. However, if the thief had realized his convicted crime and regretted on the thievery; should be given a second chance. Still, it is a disputed judgment if the thief has given a chance or not; because the mentality of thieves may not change or they do not have any other skills. As we all know once the perception of men being narrated in a certain way, then we must reconsider our thoughts on any topic of life. Anyway, ‘What are your thoughts on this, let me know in the comment section.’


Data stealing

We have been hearing form along time that data is the new oil of the digital world. Data that piling up huge and as the growth and speed of accesses of the internet become available to all. Now no one can deny the importance of data. 

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Data stealing

Every tech-giant Google to Facebook and especially a Chinese 5G expert Hauwei are all stealing our data. They use these data to target a specific audience by ads, or content sometimes. You may experience the same when you open YouTube for one video but end up watching more than 2-3 videos.

It was not that hurtful to the countries initially allowing a data breach. However, when it comes to the aggregation and national interest we forward our interests first. For example, Hauwei's 5G technologies are not accepted by the developed world. The democracies like the U.K. and the USA banned the operations of Hauwei. It comes to India to choose Hauwei or not reminds proverb ‘The person who steals once is always thought to be a thief’

Thief in the writing world

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Writing is not an exception where no thief livesthieves are everywhere. It has the same impact on the reader if it is found to be plagiarised material. Then the writer loses its credentials and thought be as a thief always and sees its writeups with suspicion. 

You can write the remaining portion of the area or field that we may miss covering in this portion of the blog.

In summary, I’ll say if there is anybody on this earth should be treated equally without any discrimination. Nevertheless, I do not support the task of thievery or any sort of compensation given to the thieves—Afterall we have legislative system exists.



Person (Noun)

- An activity through which people express particular ideas.  


Steals (Verb)

- To get something that is important to your business or life.


Thief (Verb)

- To drop a few pieces or drops of something over a surface.


Red-handed (Adjective)

- Not having the ability to do something as it should be done.

 (Vocabulary meaning from Cambridge Dictionary)


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Example sentences:


“Rahul, why are you sneaking around? It’s an exam!” Teacher.

        “No, sir I’m not”

        “Earlier you doing the same isn’t it?”

        “Yes, but not doing this time”

        “Oh, dear! Remember the saying: The person who steals once is always thought to be a thief



Father      : Son, one thing today I’ll give you a piece of advice—a proverb.

        Son          : Say, papa.

        Father      : The person who steals once is always thought to be a thief

        Son          : Yes, I can understand your concern papa. Thank you.



Police tracked and caught the person. “Hey, you thief accept your allegations” policeman with anger. The person “No, I leave thievery” How do I believe; once a thief, always a thief.  

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